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Our history

Prototype – Dialysis System 2013
The dialysis system development project started in October 2013. At that time, this system was developed for learning aids in managing treatment at a dialysis centre led by a Nephrologist, Prof. Dr Azreen Syazril Adnan. However, we see that this system is not just for learning, but it can be further developed to operate a dialysis centre more systematically.

Flood Disaster 2014
In the early stages of the system needs to be referred directly to Prof. Dr Azreen Syazril Adnan, all the information obtained is very limited and released through his knowledge and reference of the private dialysis centre in Johor. The modules developed at that time were many to the Clinical Module which included patient information, patient treatment, blood test results and treatment routines by dialysis patients. In 2014 Kelantan had experienced severe floods that affected many government and private hospitals. Almost 90% of the area in Kelantan was flooded and only USM at that time could operate for dialysis patients. Due to these events, the ADNAN System at that time was introduced drastically and was included in the flood disaster SOP stage for dialysis patients and dialysis centres. Following the flood assessment, almost 90% of dialysis centres in Kelantan have used the ADNAN System and in 2015 the flood disaster SOP was launched where the ADNAN System has become the backbone in recording and monitoring Dialysis Patients and Dialysis Centers.


  • The process claim by the dialysis centre is faster and in line with the treatment received by the patient.
  • Simplify and reduce the use of physical files patient record.
  • Data is recorded more clearly than hand writing record.
  • Quick and easy to get immediate referrals to Doctor or Nephrology that is not always in the dialysis centre.
  • Evaluate service quality for patient treatment.
  • Simplify takeover tasks at any time by referring to the ADNAN System.
  • Detects sponsorship claims exceeding limits.
  • Facilitate and speed up claims management to every dialysis centre.
  • Control of claims files is more accurate, systematic and data access faster for review.
  • Reduces error and overlapping claims.
  • Detects patients who receive other sponsorships.
  • Help sponsors make financial planning.
  • Manage new patient applications faster.
  • Complete with electronic patient record (EMR) and is available for integration with HIS systems.
  • Ready to be implemented at any time including being a support system during the disaster.
  • Role Base Technology and Multi Branch Integration technology to facilitate systematic sharing of data between dialysis centres, sponsors and patients.
  • Comply with the government’s retained record savings for 10 years for future reference.
  • Freedom of movement of patients without relying on the dialysis centre.
  • The ADNAN system allows patients to view the basic information of the treatment, facilitating references.
  • Reference of treatment schedule.

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